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wind energy

ABATIX Is the Provider of Choice for the Energy & Wind Technology Industries.

Ensuring our cities and towns remain powered during the long winters and taxing storms is not an easy task. Prep your crews with the top brands in personal protective equipment from Abatix to help prevent work-related injuries when working at height. Our equipment such as hard hats, eyewear, harnesses, and gloves is a sure start down the path toward a safer tomorrow for your workers and thus, for the rest of us.

Fall protection from any height.

Ensure the safety of your team for any project at height. Our range of full body harnesses come in a variety of designs to prevents falls. Never work without it.

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Head protection as smart as you.

Illuminate your work with our line of headlight compatible helmets. Easily attach a light and get lost in the work, not on the job. Check out our selection and get yours printed with logo. 

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Extra set of hand, protection.

Full grain leather, general use, or abrasive resistant, choose your pair of gloves and put your hands to work. Your work plus our hand protection equals a job well done.

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Eye protection for rain or shine.

Anti-fog and prescription eye protection? Polarized sunglasses? Yes to all. Keep your eye on the ball with our range of safety glasses and goggles designed with the workman in mind.

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