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Industrial Safety

ABATIX Is the Provider of Choice for Companies in the Industrial Market.

Staying safe on the job will remain the most important concern for industrial and construction companies in today's economy. Minimize the risks associated with dropped objects with our tool tethers and stay safe with personal protective equipment including our hard hats, eyewear, and gloves. 

Protection against the elements is one thing. Protection against arc flashes is another. Get the level of protection you need for your next project and work with confidence.

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Ideal for confined spaces, GasAlertMax XT II is able to intelligently monitor up to four hazards for remote sampling. Also fully compatible with MicroDock II automated test and calibration system.

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A standard among construction and industrial workers alike, get your eye protection now in anti-fog or prescription lenses. Raise your standards. Better your eyewear.

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When dealing with abrasive surfaces and grinding applications, having an abrasive and cut resistant pair of safety gloves makes all the difference. Safe hands are busy hands.

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Keeping hold of your tools is becoming even easier with our tethering kits and tool attachments. Do so and not only will your tools be thankful but so will your coworkers below.

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