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From first click, to order delivery, we have you covered.

ABATIX is committed to keeping pace in the ever-changing landscape of eBusiness.

With our suite of eProcurement solutions, we aim to serve your needs today and tomorrow.


As your partner, ABATIX strives to make sure you get the items you need when you need them. With our eProcurement solutions, we can help you streamline your procure-to-pay process.

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Is eProcurement a match?

You’re probably wondering how your company can take advantage of eProcurement benefits. The first step is to let us help you evaluate your existing software to determine the feasibility of implementing an eProcurement solution. Many ERP systems, like SAP and Peoplesoft, offer modules that support eProcurement technology or you can use a procurement marketplace like Coupa, Ariba, or iValua.


No matter what platform you are using, chances are we have a solution that fits.

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eProcurement Solutions

ABATIX eProcurement solution options include EDI, hosted catalogs, and punchout catalogs. Even better, there is no extra charge.

Hosted Catalog

ABATIX provides a static file of products with your contract pricing. This data is loaded into your procurement system, giving you the ability to order directly from your procurement system. PO delivery options include email, EDI, OCI, or cXML. In addition, we have many options for delivering invoices.


If your procurement system has punchout capability, our team of professionals will work with you to set up and test your punchout system with our site. Once setup, your buyers will be able to use your procurement system to connect directly to our site, add items to the shopping cart, and return the cart to your procurement system. This will allow them to follow your internal procurement procedures. When ready, your PO is electronically delivered, your order is fulfilled, shipped, and we deliver your eInvoice directly to your procurement system. We have the ability to connect to any punchout platform via OCI or cXML.


ABATIX supports EDI technology standards. We will work with you to connect your ERP to ours. We support EDI forms for 850 (PO’s), 855 (PO acknowledgment), 997 (functional acknowledgement), 856 (advanced ship notification), and 810 (invoices).

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